Reading Order

I often get asked what order to read my books in. While many of my series can be read standalone, some the books should be read in order to be enjoyed the most and in others characters from earlier series make cameos across. Here’s the order I recommend reading my books in.

Marked By Desire

My first romantic suspense series. These ones are obvious which order they go from the title but they must be read in order to make sense.

Marked by Desire – Book 1
Marked by Desire – Book 2
Marked by Desire – Book 3
Marked by Desire – Book 4
Marked by Desire – Book 5

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From there, I recommend jumping to the Dreamcatchers series, which starts with the heroine, Emily, reaching out to her good friend Hannah from Marked by Desire to recommend an FBI agent who won’t think she’s crazy when she dreams about a serial killer and those dreams start coming true. She soon meets too hot for his own good Special Agent Reece but there’s more to her dreams than Emily could ever believe.
You can also buy the box set and get them all together here.
The next series I recommend diving into is DARC Ops. These guys are former military, all alpha protectors protecting the smart, sassy women they love.
Next up is meeting the boys from Firehouse 81 in Southern Heat. The men from DARC even have a cameo later in the series. 
After Southern Heat comes the boys from Steel Kings MC. They may be on the wrong side of the law but they’ll fight like hell for those they love.
Then there are the men from Fighting for Love. It seems like they’re just guys running an MMA training gym but really they’re a black ops group operating secretly from the gym, each with a special skill helping them save the innocent and stop those who harm them for good, and then disappear back into the night.
I also have some instalove shorter romance books series, with each book approximately 10k words each. Perfect for a lunch break read or curling up with a book to finish in an evening.
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