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Book Category: Dreamcatchers

Emily – Dreamcatchers Book 1

Things haven't been easy for Emily West. She's just moved out of her mother's home, and out from under her thumb, to a new city…

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Keila – Dreamcatchers Book 2

Can a captivating beauty with a strong and fiery spirit be the one who makes a 'forever playboy' feel the heat of love's smoldering flames?…

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Payton – Dreamcatchers Book 3

Payton Keller is having the worst day of her life. She awakens in a drug-induced haze to discover she’s been captured and bound with no…

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Lainey – Dreamcatchers 4

Lainey Brooks always thought she was alone in the world…until she met Payton Keller and discovered her unique gift that gives her an intuitive insight…

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Sienna – Dreamcatchers Book 5

Sienna was sick of being smothered by her overprotective mom. Even when she’d turned eighteen, her mother had insisted every rule from her childhood was…

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