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I’ve never met him, but I’m trusting him to save my life.


I love my job. Opening Brotherhood Ink with my brothers was the best decision I ever made.
Hell, it’s just about the only good decision I’ve ever made.
There’s no one special in my life but finally having my family back together is enough, for now. Hanging with my brothers, beer, and pizza is enough for me.
It even takes my mind off the woman who hasn’t responded to my emails in nearly two weeks, even though we’ve talked almost daily for years.
Until she walks through the door of our shop with fear in her eyes.


I’ve always been the good girl, the dutiful daughter. My parents paid for the best schools that money could buy and in return I played my part at my father’s business events.
The pretty, successful daughter. His legacy.
Still, my parents would support whatever path in life I chose.
That’s what I thought, anyway.
Out of the blue, my father is telling me I have to marry a man I’ve never met.
The wedding? It’s scheduled to happen in only a week.
No one will tell me anything more or listen to my pleas.
With no one left I can trust, I flee to the one person who knows my innermost secrets. Someone I’ve never met.
If he can’t help me, then it’s all over.

Zeke is a steamy, short, insta-love alpha male and curvy woman romance with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Book Categories: Brotherhood Ink.