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She hates me, but only I can keep her safe.

I was a doctor, a healer. But that single night haunted me, until she was all I saw in my dreams. I ran, leaving my old life behind.

The Steel Kings took me in—gave me a home, a purpose. In return, I served as their medic, stitching wounds and healing my soul.

Until the day my past caught up with me. Ava. The girl I left behind when I could no longer fight my demons. She’s all woman now and I still want her. That will never change.

When the war between the Kings and the Jokers spills onto the streets, Ava is caught in the crossfire. I’ll keep her safe, her and her daughter. It’s my duty, even though she hates who I’ve become. I just need to discover what she’s hiding. Secrets destroyed our relationship before. This time, they might kill.

Book Categories: Steel Kings MC.