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Trial by Fire

Maya Graves needs a small miracle. She’d arrived in Monroe with a bulging suitcase, a stack of research, and little more than a prayer. The FBI said her brother killed someone and then set the house on fire, accidentally killing himself too. Her parents had given up, writing him off as the black sheep of the family. That was easier, she guessed, with the FBI breathing down their necks. That didn’t mean she was going to drop it—hell, no. Her brother had been there for her since the day she was born and now it was her turn. She’d prove he hadn’t killed anyone, or die trying.

Seth Hale might be the squad’s rookie, but he knows enough to tell something was off about that fire. Even if there wasn’t, he’d protect Maya regardless. Standing in the chief’s office that morning, one look at her big blue eyes, wet with tears, and he was gone. When county arson investigator Liam Cohen confirms his suspicions, he’s determined to help Maya prove her case. But the truth they uncover just leads to more secrets, ones someone will kill to protect.

Book Categories: Southern Heat.