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Sienna – Dreamcatchers Book 5

Sienna was sick of being smothered by her overprotective mom. Even when she’d turned eighteen, her mother had insisted every rule from her childhood was obeyed. There were far too many evil people in the world and Sienna couldn’t stray far from home or she’d be at risk. She’d watched her friends all go off to college while she was stuck at home, as usual.

And she hated it.

But everything changed the day Sienna found her mother brutally murdered on the living room floor, especially when she discovers a secret cache of information that had been hidden for years. A fake name, a fake past…all made for Sienna.

Sienna ran—right into Jace, the sexy cowboy who makes her heart flutter and makes life even more complicated.

Suddenly Sienna has no choice but to trust a man she barely knows to help her find her mother’s killers and to keep her safe. After a life spent sheltered from danger, Sienna finds herself thrust into the center of terrifying game of cat and mouse, where she is the prey.

Will Sienna and Jace survive long enough to find her mother’s killer and to uncover all the secrets her mother kept? Or will putting her trust in a man she doesn’t know anything about be the biggest mistake of her life?

Book Categories: Dreamcatchers.