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Payton – Dreamcatchers Book 3

Payton Keller is having the worst day of her life. She awakens in a drug-induced haze to discover she’s been captured and bound with no clear way to escape. But things quickly shift from bad to bizarre when her captors tell her they mean no harm. They want to help her, and she must go with them to save her own life.

Like that’s happening.

Payton does what she’s always done –runs—and when she meets Cole, things only get more complicated.

For Cole Davis, each day blends into the next in weary shades of gray. A former cop on leave, battling PTSD and a crippling addiction, Cole struggles to see even a hint of color in his life. When he meets Payton, the feisty woman with the incredibly enduring spirit, all the gray is washed away. She’s a survivor, just like him, and a kindred spirit.

But what secrets is Payton hiding? She’s buried her pain deep, hidden it even from herself, and when it finally pushes its way to the surface it affects both of them in a way neither can even imagine.

Book Categories: Dreamcatchers.