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Marked By Desire – Book 5

FBI agent Jessica Rosen’s life is focused on one thing. She does her job, and she does it well. So what if her partner just requested a transfer, leaving her on her own. Again. Since she saw the police speed through her neighborhood as a child, all sirens blazing, she knew she was destined for a life in law enforcement. But then tragedy struck, leaving her with overwhelming grief and a new mission.

Dallas Marks is the FBI agent that every man wants to work with and every woman wants to be with. Even though she can’t stand his cocky attitude, Jessica is attracted to the man. Despite his reputation as a bit of a player, he’s a genuine good guy and straight as an arrow. No one knows the full horror of what he’s endured, and continues to live through as he fights for revenge in secret. Though lately he’s felt like someone is watching him, even as he hunts his prey.

Then Jessica’s boss pulls her aside and drops a bombshell. There’s a mole in the FBI, and he’s assigned the likely guilty agent as her new partner. Her boss is convinced the agent is dirty, and it’s up to her to prove it. Jessica has to find a way to work with her new partner on her task force, all the while working undercover to expose him as the mob’s right hand man. Her new partner’s name? Special Agent Dallas Marks.

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