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Marked By Desire – Book 4

Sometimes, there’s no escaping your past. A fact that Sera finds herself suddenly well aware of, as she stares into the face of the man who was almost like a father to her. That is, until she grew up. Until the first time he threatened to kill her.

Back in New York, Joey is frantic. He’s only just found Sera again, and now she’s disappeared from the hospital, and it’s becoming obvious to him that she didn’t just check herself out. Even her own brother can’t – or won’t – tell him where she’s gone.

With Luke’s help, he traces Sera to where she grew up in New Orleans, and he’s determined to bring her home. To make her his again, for good this time.

But what ghosts of the past are haunting Sera, and this time, will Joey become the latest casualty of a history Sera may never be able to escape?

Book Categories: Marked By Desire.