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Marked By Desire – Book 3

Hannah is tired of being afraid, tired of running. And so when Agent Silesia gives her an opportunity, a chance, to make it all go away once and for all, she has to take it. Even if it means sneaking away in the middle of the night. Away from the one man who has always protected her. A note left resting on his gun – ‘You’ll forgive me and I’ll see you again. I love you.’

Luke loves Hannah, and would do anything for her, including walking into the lion’s den in her place. But he can’t. Thanks to the mole in his department, Borteli knows all their names, knows exactly who is he, and who he is to Hannah.

This time, he needs to let Hannah find her own way, however much it’s killing him to let her go.

Can Hannah convince the man in charge that she’s turning her back on the law, on Luke, and is willing to make a deal with the devil himself to gain her freedom? Or will he see straight through her, and it will all be over before she’s even begun?

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