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Line of Fire

Charlotte “Charlie” Roberts is an EMT, and a damned good one. Out of all the firehouses she rotates through, she loves the guys at Engine Co. 81 the best. They always make her feel welcome, especially her paramedic partner, Shane. Wickedly good looking and an amazing paramedic, she could easily let herself feel something more for him—if she didn’t have a dark secret hidden away in her past. She swore she’d never go back, but now bizarre things are happening, threatening her patients. Has the past she’s fought so hard to escape finally caught up with her?

Shane Parker liked Charlie from the moment they first met, probably a little too much. After she ignored his flirting attempts, he’d backed off, respecting her decision. Yet even still, just a glimpse of her always spark a fire deep within him, one he can’t seem to put out. But they were only colleagues and good friends. And that was all they’d ever be.

But then Engine Co. 81 comes under attack from a serial arsonist and someone threatens Charlie’s life. With the squad taking fire from all sides, Shane’s determined to keep Charlie safe, whether she wants him to or not. Whoever is stalking her is going to quickly discover just how far Shane would go to protect one of their own. Charlie may not want him in her life, but Shane would still sacrifice his own if it meant saving her. Only problem is her stalker knows that, too…

Book Categories: Southern Heat.