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Lainey – Dreamcatchers 4

Lainey Brooks always thought she was alone in the world…until she met Payton Keller and discovered her unique gift that gives her an intuitive insight into people wasn’t all that unique. Payton encourages Lainey to step out of her comfort zone, leading her to Josh. The guy is hot, but there’s something about him that Lainey can’t quite see—something that Lainey’s boss Aaron seems to know all about.

MMA fighter Aaron Daley ran from his past and never looked back. With secrets that run deep and deadly, he keeps to himself. Life is safer that way. When Josh hooks up with Lainey—the woman Aaron has been secretly in love with for years—he’s determined to protect her, even if he can never have her.

Lainey can’t work out why the two men in her life hate each other, until Payton drops a bombshell that blows her life apart. With danger nipping at her heels and someone stalking her every move, can Lainey figure out who to trust and who wants to kill her, or will she discover she truly was always alone?

Book Categories: Dreamcatchers.