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Keila – Dreamcatchers Book 2

Can a captivating beauty with a strong and fiery spirit be the one who makes a ‘forever playboy’ feel the heat of love’s smoldering flames?

Growing up as an orphan who endured a horrific childhood, Keila Blackwell has the heart of a fighter. Years after escaping her religious zealot foster parents, who deemed her evil for daring to exhibit psychic abilities, Keila’s learned that love for anyone has no place in her life. Anyone she’s ever cared about has died, or tried to kill her first. Now her life consists of running from those who hunt her while trying to save others like herself.

When firefighter Jason Kelly rescues Keila in the course of duty, he never expected that saving her life would spark a flame in his heart. A sexy playboy, Jason’s motto has always been “love ’em and leave ’em” or “a one-night stand is my only plan,” but Keila ignites something inside him. And even though her sassy comebacks and cool aloofness should be a major turn-off, with her it does nothing but add more fuel to his growing desire.

Will Keila let down her guard enough to allow Jason to help her, and have a shot at winning her heart? Or will the shadows hunting her catch up with her first and silence her for good?

Book Categories: Dreamcatchers.