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I’m untouchable, unstoppable. Then I met her.

I’m the screw-up, the family black sheep who everyone pretends doesn’t exist. To hell with them. I’ve found my home with the Steel Kings MC.

They call me Shakespeare. I’m the man they call on when they need to trace someone through an online rabbit hole. I can hack into any database on earth and get out clean. I’m focussed and fast—nothing distracts me and nothing gets past me.

Until her.

She’s heartbreakingly beautiful, even with the bruises on her face. That’s what I noticed first. The second was her pregnant belly. Some bastard took his hand to her while she was carrying his child.

No one gets away with that. Not on my watch. I’ll hide her away, keep her safe, until I find a way to destroy the man that hurt her. By the time I’m done, he’ll regret the day he was born.

The Bard once said dream on, of bloody deeds and death. He ain’t got nothing on me.

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