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Fuel the Fire

The trouble with being the squad joker is that no one takes you seriously.

Injured on a call, firefighter Jeremy Halstead has been benched for over a month, something that’s been driving him slowly insane. Unable to work and living out of town, Netflix and chill was pretty damn boring when all you had to keep you company was your right hand. Thank god it was his left shoulder he’d injured, or he’d be royally screwed.

The only highlight of his day? Seeing Rachel Sorenson, physiotherapist extraordinaire and the hottest woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Her skills and persistence were a big reason why he would be back to fighting fit much sooner than expected. She’d never balked at him wanting daily sessions to get better as quickly as possible. If only he’d realised that meant he was fast running out of excuses to see her at all. He’d tried asking her out, but she’d thought he was just flirting, joking around. He’d never been more serious.

This man made her want to break all the rules.

Rachel loves her job. Joining the hospital in small town Monroe meant she could pretty much run the department as she wanted. It also meant there were no witnesses to watch her make a complete fool of herself every time Jeremy Halstead walked through the door. He was a patient, and therefore entirely off limits, but images of what else they could be doing on her treatment table still ran through her mind every single session.

Then a miracle happens, and after literally running into Jeremy, she manages to stumble through asking him out. But hope is swiftly followed by tragedy. During their first real date—as opposed to making out in the back of his pickup—a tornado strikes Monroe, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Rachel and Jeremy are both needed by the town in the wake of the disaster, more than ever before. But a firefighter, and then a cop are injured, and die, right in Rachel’s ER. One death was sad, two are suspicious—three are downright impossible. Did they merely succumb to their injuries or is there an angel of death walking the hallways? Rachel thought they just had to survive the storm, but now she’s certain that there’s a killer out there gunning for first responders. Will she and Jeremy live long enough to find the truth or will one of them be next?

Book Categories: Southern Heat.