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Fighting Fear


It’s been five years since I’ve seen him.
That was the same day we buried my brother.
I’ve looked back a thousand times and wondered what would have happened if I’d told Chase how I really felt about him—how I always wanted him.
Would it have changed anything?
Today would have been my brother’s twenty-eighth birthday, so it seems fitting that I’ve run into Chase out of the blue after all these years.
Almost like it’s some kind of sign.


Everyone I care about leaves. Either I push them away or… something worse happens.
Now the mistakes of my past are haunting me. Keeping me up at night. Slowly driving me insane.
When I run into Rachel, I can hardly believe she’s real.
Like the universe is taunting me, bringing my past back to life to remind me of all the things I can’t ever have.
She’s very real, though. Just as real as the danger she’s in.
I wasn’t able to help her brother when he needed me, but I’m not going to make that same mistake twice.
I’m going to keep Rachel safe. Or I’m going to die trying.

Book Categories: Fighting for Love.