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Fighting Desires


I need help.
Most people would think I have a pretty good life. A bit of money. A bit of fame in the MMA world. A name that people are starting to respect.
But most people wouldn’t know that my whole world is falling apart.
My coach has dropped me. Someone is trying to hurt me. And now my sister has gone missing.
The worst part? There’s only one man who can give me the kind of help I need, and I swore years ago I would kill him with my bare hands if I ever saw him again.


The past has a funny way of coming back to haunt me.
It’s always been my downfall. Something I’ve said. Something I’ve done in a moment of ignorance or rage.
Karma never fails to come right back and bite me in the ass.
This time, karma is dressed up like a woman I used to know. A rival from years ago who—as my brother, Griff, never fails to point out—knocked me out and ended my short-lived dream of becoming an MMA fighter.
We parted on bad terms and I’ve been happy without seeing her face ever since then.
Now she’s back and she’s asking for my help. And yeah, this might be one more thing that’s going to bite me in the ass, but what the hell do I have to lose?
She’s already seen me at my worst. Now I have another chance to prove myself. And I have the upper hand this time.

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