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Fighting Demons


I’m former military, now black ops operative, and yet I’m supposed to do nothing.
Just gather intel so that the guys with the badges can catch the bigger fish.
Despite the resources available to me and my team, we’re completely off the books. Full deniability if the shit hits the fan.
Which it definitely will once my eyes land on the woman on stage.
Despite what they’ve done to her, I can see her strength, her determination to survive.
Her eyes blaze with it.
I’m captivated.
I don’t care what my boss wants. There’s no way I’m leaving this hellhole without her.
She’s mine to protect, whatever it takes.


I was a daughter, a friend, a student, with my whole life ahead of me.
None of that matters anymore.
Now I’m no one, standing on a stage in a barely-there scrap of material while men jeer at me and bid money for me.
To own me.
My life is over, even if the winner of the auction doesn’t kill me tonight.
But then I catch his eye.

Book Categories: Fighting for Love.