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I won’t stop until that monster is behind bars.

Bob Wheeler, the town’s success story. And its darkest secret. Self-made billionaire and underground human trafficker, connected to all the power-players in town. He’s even caught my sister up in his web. I’m so close to cracking his story wide open and putting the evil bastard away for good when my boss orders me off the case.

But I won’t give up without a fight, even if I have to go it alone.

Then I meet a police officer willing to help. It doesn’t hurt that he’s hot as hell. So who could blame a girl for turning our meet-up into a coffee date? And then more after.

Except a security guard catches me breaking into Wheeler’s office during the party of the year. And when the lights go up the guard is none other than my hot cop moonlighting.

Well, that complicates things a little.

He’s mad as hell, and I can’t say I blame him. But can I trust him enough to tell him the whole story? And when he knows, will he help me save my sister’s life, or will he turn me over to my most dangerous enemy?

Book Categories: Deadly Justice.