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Dark Web

Carly DiMarco, ex-hacker and bass player of a struggling all-girl rock group, is in deep shit. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Nevada and with no money to make it home after their last desperate plan falls through, Carly is forced to accept a hacking job; something she swore she wouldn’t ever go back to. She has no idea who her new boss really is, but they clearly know her, a fact that becomes crystal clear when she’s face down in a bar parking lot with a man’s arm around her neck.

Former Marine Stanton Morse is…complicated, to say the least. To the public he’s a hacker who sold out to corporate America, touting the next big thing on the tradeshow circuit. But to DARC Ops and the hacker underground, he’s Tansy, your go-to genius for when you need the job done fast and without a trace. When DARC is brought on board with a top secret case, Tansy recognizes the code that managed to break through one of the FBI’s servers—Carly’s name is stamped all over it. He hasn’t heard from his friend in nearly a decade, not since she cut all ties one night without even an explanation. When he tracks her down, the gun pointed at her head spins his reality out of control.

Will he be able to save Carly and work with her to bring down the organization targeting them both, or will Carly’s secrets from years ago kill them first?

Book Categories: DARC Ops.