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Dark Salvation

Annica Lawson lives for her career. Her biggest story is just around the corner. It has to be. She works her ass off, even pulling all-nighters. It beats lying in her bed all alone, her only sexual encounter in living memory years ago with Jackson Archer. Her sort of boss. Her now very happily married sort of boss. He’s just a good friend now, but that doesn’t stop things being hugely awkward when her story collides with Jackson’s latest case. All she has to do is catch a ride on a container ship and meet with an anonymous whistle blower, then write the story. Easy, right? She should have remembered this was a DARC Ops mission.

Cole Hunter is a scary guy. At least, that’s what his boss wants people to think. It was just a job to him—a guard for Blackwoods Security. But he’s heard things. Stories of people just…disappearing. He’s sure his boss is involved, maybe even he was too, unwittingly. A job here, a task there, innocent requests. Until they weren’t. Cole contacted the only reporter he found online that seemed like the real deal, ready to tell her everything. But now his naturally suspicious boss is asking questions Cole can’t answer. He’s killed before in war, but he’d never take the life of an innocent. So how the hell did he end up standing in the kill room with a gun to Annica Lawson’s head, and what the hell does he do now?

Dark Salvation is book 7 in the DARC Ops series, and can be read stand-alone. Characters from earlier books do appear as secondary characters in this book.

Book Categories: DARC Ops.