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Dark Lies

Trapped. On the run. Alone and half a world away from any place that resembled home. Macy Chandler had fled the US years ago, when a corrupt CIA agent colluded with a dirty cop from St. Louis, sending her running for her life. She ran all the way to Syria, where her life was saved at the last second by a civilian cyber security company. DARC Ops—she’d never heard of them, but since that night she’d learned everything she could, including the fact that the brother of one of their team lived just hours away from her current hideout. Was it possible that they could save her again?

Tucker Quinn is on his first major mission for DARC Ops. Brought on board by his friend Matthias, he’s determined not to screw it up. He’d come a long way since being fired as a rookie on the St. Louis police force. Back then he’d suspected that his former partner, Macy, had known more. They’d been close, but then she’d disappeared, vanishing without a trace.

This mission would be tricky, covert, and quite possibly deadly—DARC Ops working with the outgoing government to escort 250 tons of enriched uranium from South Africa to the US before the incumbents notice it missing. Jasper’s brother Kyle turns up and asks for a favor—check up on the phone call his wife just received from someone he’d known from Syria. Someone his team had nearly killed. Her name? Macy Chandler. Tucker’s ex-partner and the woman he regretted letting go all those years ago.

Dark Lies is book 6 in the DARC Ops series, and can be read stand-alone. Characters from earlier books do appear as secondary characters in this book.

Book Categories: DARC Ops.