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Dark Escape

He can’t afford a single mistake.

Declan Flynn traveled half-way around the world to train with DARC Ops in Afghanistan. Or that’s the story he and his team claim. The truth is he’s there on a tip from one of his brothers in arms. His buddy has discovered an uptick in dark web commodity trading. Declan plans to uncover the truth. So when he gets tapped to look for the missing daughter of an American diplomat, he’s mad as hell. He’s got work to do and he’s a professional.

Not a babysitter.

But in a crowded Kabul marketplace, he witnesses an American woman being forced out of a van. A gang of Afghan men drag the terrified woman away. It’s her. His target. With a wash of cold dread, he knows an innocent life is at stake. If he fails, she’ll suffer unthinkable violence in the clutches of the barbaric warlords.

A dangerous mission goes terribly wrong.

Sophia Sweeney always wanted to prove she’s more than just the pretty daughter of a diplomat. An art historian, visiting Afghanistan, she accepts a secret mission. Tell no one, she’s told. The job is nothing more than a simple in and out. But the mission ends in disaster. When she’s drugged and kidnapped by Afghan extremists, she’s alone and fighting for her life. Attempting escape, she runs straight into the arms of Declan Flynn. From the first moment, desire burns hot between them. A heated kiss leads to desperate passion as the enemy closes in.

When Sophia is gravely injured, Declan faces an impossible choice. To get help and save her, he must set out alone, leaving her behind…

Dark Escape can be read s

Book Categories: DARC Ops.