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Dark Enemy

Holly Adams is in over her head.

Her job as cyber threat analyst for the CIA might test her well-honed skills, but when her cousin goes missing, the threats get personal. Fast. The Russian Mafia has kidnapped Holly’s cousin. They make it clear they plan to sell her on the sex slave market.

The Russians have a single demand. If Holly wants to see her cousin ever again, she must scrub any evidence of their top operative from the CIA database. But Holly fears the Russian mobsters plan something far more sinister than just selling her cousin to the highest bidder.

Alone and afraid, she has no choice but to seek help from the one man she’s tried to forget.

Logan Williams may be new to DARC Ops, but he’s a man who gets things done.

For Logan, blood and sweat is nothing more than another day on the job. Danger is part of his nine to five. Tough work and impossible odds keep him from missing any sort of personal life. That is, until the woman from his past shows up, terrified and begging for help.

Holly Adams.

The one woman who haunts his dreams. Years ago, they parted ways. An agonizing decision he thought would protect her. But he swore he’d be there if she ever needed him, and he’s a man of his word.

His mission: First off, he will keep Holly safe. Second, he will keep it professional.
One slip and he could lose the only woman he’s ever loved…

Dark Enemy can be read standalone and contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Book Categories: DARC Ops.