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Dark Discovery

Kalani Hale is completely out of her comfort zone. Just a few months ago, she was a security guard in Hawaii for Blackwoods Enterprises, guarding fruit-packing plants and deserted offices. No one even looked twice at her. That was before Jackson Archer from DARC Ops hired her off the books to watch a suspect, pulling her into an international conspiracy that went deeper than she could have ever imagined. Her boss at Blackwoods was a monster, a human trafficker that trapped everyone with his deadly games, including her sister. They escaped with their lives—barely—and were hidden away in a safe house. Now she spends her days training and waiting for her past to catch up with her.

Ethan Vaughan was a reporter—a good one, he hoped, but that was all. He never thought he’d meet the woman of his dreams in the middle of tsunami, or end up as part of an undercover black ops mission. In the end, he’d had to leave, to fly back to Washington and his job, but he couldn’t get Kalani out of his mind. He was still a reporter, at least that’s what he told everyone who didn’t work for DARC Ops. Only their inner circle knew the truth, but even they didn’t know he’d do anything to keep Kalani safe—even sacrifice the mission. When one of their own goes missing and signs point to an inside job, all bets are off. Can he keep her safe long enough to discover who’s feeding intel to Blackwoods, or will their chance at love—and lives—be lost forever?

Book Categories: DARC Ops.