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Dark Deception

He was never meant to fall for her.

Asher Marshall is a ripped, sexy and trained-to-perfection military man with a job he doesn’t speak about. Ever. There’s a reason for his secrecy – Asher works for DARC Ops, an elite paramilitary organization that works behind the scenes, never leaving a trace.

He’s a trained professional. But his new task is making him rethink just how professional he can be.

When he crosses paths with hacker Ellie, he stumbles upon a case that could ruin both their lives, if the people hunting her don’t kill them first. Asher is left with no choice but to kidnap the woman he’s falling for – and she’s not coming willingly.

A wallflower hacker finds something she shouldn’t have.

Ellie Jespersen is a sweet but nerdy young woman. No one suspects she has a secret talent – she’s an extremely talented hacker.

When Ellie finds out about a mercenary group running secret tasks for the government, she doesn’t stop digging. Uncovering secret after secret, Ellie gets herself in a world of trouble. She’s certain the group of people after her are a part of the Guardian Knights, and they’re illegally selling weapons. And not knowing who Asher works for makes Ellie even more wary of his true intentions.

Despite Asher’s warnings, Ellie won’t back off. By the time she realizes she’s put them both in mortal danger, it might just be too late…

Dark Deception can be read standalone and contains no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Book Categories: DARC Ops.