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Dark Control

They’d probably figured out who Matthias was. He was fine with that. Let them know everything. Let them know the face of vengeance, first for the fallen, and the rest of it, for what they’d already put this sweet girl through. Let them know his name. Let them know his wrath.

Laurel Blackwood is a coder. A damn good one. Good enough for a government contract programming tracking software. So what if her bosses think she’s a total screw up, her abusive ex won’t stop hassling her for money, and the only person who believes in her wants to meet in hiding, scared for his own life. She’ll prove she can stand on her own. She’s determined to. That is, until the bodies started piling up. Until she’s linked to a scheme involving the murder of a government official—the murder of the one man who’d believed in her.

Matthias Wade might look like a strong, black ops merc. Or a biker. He was both—until the day a bullet ripped through his body and he fell into a pool of his own blood. Shaky hands, flashbacks, nightmares. They happen so often now it was almost routine. PTSD, they said. He called it weak. But he refused to be weak anymore. When Laurel’s life lands in his hands to protect, they can’t shake anymore. He’ll prove her innocence and save her life. Even if he has to give his to do it.

Dark Control is book 4 in the DARC Ops series, and can be read stand-alone. Characters from earlier books do appear as secondary characters in this book.

Book Categories: DARC Ops.