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An Alpha Man and Curvy Woman Insta-Love Romance


Life is simple. Go to work, catch the bad guys, eat a pizza with the guys, and go home.
But I gotta admit, I’m jealous of the happiness my best friends have found.
I could find someone to warm my bed easily enough, but I want a real connection.
Someone who’ll submit to me while letting me keep them safe and protected.
And then Aislynn crosses my path and the I know I’ve found the one.
Women were made to be worshipped, cherished.
But she’s scared out of her mind and won’t tell a soul why.
She’ll tell me. I’ll make sure of it.


Don’t cry, my father always said. And so I haven’t let a single tear fall.
Not when my boss disappeared, leaving me with a business falling apart.
Not even when two massive guys show up one night claiming I owe them money.
Only random chance saved me that night and they’ll be back. I know it.
I’m not sleeping, barely eating, scared to death.
And then Beck asks me out. I say no but he sits there at the bar, keeping watch, night after night.
I refuse to let anyone else get caught up in Mickey’s crap, but I’m slowly losing my mind.
And then the men come back.

Beck is a steamy, short, insta-love alpha male and curvy woman romance with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after, guaranteed.

Book Categories: Red Wolfe Security.